PlayStation Vue Reportedly Surpasses 100K Users


According to Bloomberg, Sony’s live TV service, Vue, has surpassed 100,000 users. Another anonymous source indicated users could even be as high as 120,000.

While no public figures have been released from Sony about the PlayStation service, Bloomberg quotes Disney CEO, Bob Iger, who spoke of Vue after an investor conference in May.

The year old Vue was released into three markets last summer before rolling out to over 200 in the United States this spring. With plans ranging from $40 to $70 a month, and including channels like ESPN and others that are often missed on subscription services, Sony’s Vue presents itself as a strong case for cutting the cord, and ditching your cable service.

While this new market is young, with only Sony’s Vue and Dish Network’s Sling battling it out, Apple, Amazon, and Google are reportedly also working on their own product to release into the market.

Vue’s 100,000 and Sling’s reported 700,000 are just a drop in the barrel of TV users, but their growth in this short span indicates a bright future for these new services.

PlayStation Vue is available on PlayStation 4 consoles, as well as Roku, Android, and mobile iOS.

Image Source: The PlayStation Blog