Pokkén Tournament Unveils Chandelure Gameplay


Pokkén Tournament for the Nintendo Wii U is making some big waves, and it’s clear that the Pokémon Company is going all out to publicize this. With the game coming out in a month’s time, and with Pokkén Tournament scheduled to make a big appearance at this year’s Evolution Championship Series in Las Vegas later this summer, the game will need all of the publicity it could get, given that the title has already taken in some uproar about not being a fully-established title, taking the seat of other well-deserving fighters.

All that said and done, the company unveiled earlier today a character gameplay trailer for the Fire-type Pokémon, Chandelure, with many thanks to Serebii for the discovery. You can watch it below. What are your thoughts on adding a not-so-Fighting-type Pokémon to the roster, and will that impact the gameplay and open up more avenues for other characters to make it?