PlayStation 5 Speculations – Hybrid, VR or another Black Box?

PS5 Speculations

PlayStation 5 rumors are going rampant and it has gotten us all excited! There is nothing more fun than making some PS5 speculations and throwing around ideas about the upcoming system. We are here to share some of our theories and speculations. So, let’s discuss: will it be Hybrid, Virtual Reality, or another Black Box?

What Do The PS5 Speculations Say?

PS5 Speculations

Recent rumors are hinting that the next PlayStation will be quite a powerful beast. It may have AMD’s upcoming Navi GPU, which they boast to be “Next-Gen.” More powerful than Xbox One X’s Polaris, this chip may bring PlayStation back on the pedestal in terms of graphical power.

PS5 Speculations

There is also a word about them using Zen CPU (also from AMD) – another of the common PS5 speculations.

VR is Here To Stay

PS5 Speculations

Rumors also talk about a bigger integration of VR into Sony’s next-gen console. PSVR overall has not been as successful as many have thought. PSVR, however, has been one of the more popular headsets, second only to mobile VR.

Problem is that it’s still quite expensive tech. This may drive up the price of Sony’s eventual upcoming console. Let’s also hope that the integration will be an option rather than necessity. Overall reliance on a gimmick may be very harmful for a console, especially in its later years (just look at Wii).

VR is also not that widely accessible. It may cause motion-sickness, and is harmful to children below 12 years of age. All this make it a better accessory than mainline feature for a console.

Hey This is Crazy, but Can it Be a Hybrid Maybe?

Rumors regarding the next PlayStation console being a hybrid (just like the Nintendo Switch) go while back. Popularized by YouTuber DreamcastGuy who talked about it, relying on an alleged source from within Sony, have made the rounds few months ago. Though it was not announced at the time, it is possible that the idea was not cancelled, just delayed.

PS5 Speculations
Concept art created based on patent filed by Sony

The new PS5 speculations that have been circulating don’t exactly confirm hybrid’s existence, but some things surely align. Lets start with the rumored specs. AMD’s Zen core architecture have been used for portable devices before, mainly being included in laptops. There is not a reason why it couldn’t be implemented in PlayStation’s hybrid system.

PS5 Speculations

PSVR integration also doesn’t seem so bad when considering that it could be a handheld system. Just like mobile phones, Sony’s hybrid system could have built-in gyroscope which will make VR possible. The detachable controllers could be motion control enabled, making current PSVR games playable on the new device.

Would a Hybrid System Be Capable of 4K Resolution?

Looking at the huge push towards 4K from Sony (probably because of their TV line) it’s hard to believe they would abandon the idea. As we know the Nintendo Switch is not capable of 4K but it doesn’t mean the same will be true for the PlayStation 5. It would be hard to reach 4K in portable mode (while keeping the price reasonable) but there is a possibility of doing it in TV mode. Sony could use similar technology to that in the Surface Book. Microsoft’s hybrid Laptop/Tablet on its own isn’t too powerful, yet it’s detachable keyboard has a built-in graphics card which boosts the tablet’s power. Dock (or equivalent used for the PS5) could do the same.

PS5 Speculations
Microsoft’s Surface Book

Most games come to PC these days, where they need to have varied graphical settings to suit the different PC/Laptop specs of the user. The PS5 could use that same sort of idea. In handheld mode games could drop to medium or low settings, with shorter draw distance and lower resolution or texture quality. In TV mode quality would jump-up to the higher settings.

Will There Be Backwards Compatibility? 

This is one of the most asked questions regarding the PS5. This is unknown at the time, but if the rumors of a 2018 release are true, then backwards compatibility might be the only option. With big titles such as God of War, Spider-man, and Death Stranding coming out on PS4 this year, Sony would get lot of backlash if the PS5 intentionally did not have backwards compatibility for these games. If Sony launched the PlayStation 5 without backwards compatibility out of the box but had a roadmap to include it shortly after, that would be understandable. Enabling hardware to be compatible with older media and developing the software for it can be a very difficult process. If the PS5 has no intention of have backwards comparable capabilities, that would be much harder to forgive.  Many people trade in their old consoles for newer models which allows them save some money. Yet if this year’s most anticipated PS4 exclusives won’t be playable on the new system, many people will hold on to their consoles and wait for a price of the new console to drop.

Will it be Download Only?

Discussions about the eventual end of physical games have been going on for few years now. While PC gamers have long forgotten what discs look like, console gamers are still keeping the old ways alive. Though it’s getting harder and harder to do so. Almost every game these days require huge patches on day one in order to get the optimal experience – making physical version nearly pointless. So there is a big possibility that Sony will get rid of them in their next-gen console. For those worried, games would most likely still be available in stores, maybe even in boxes that have just a game code instead of a disc.

PS5 Speculations
PUBG “Physical” Version

These are some of our PS5 speculations. Do you have any of your own? If so, don’t hesitate to write them down in the comments below.