PSN Survey Hints at Future Features


In an effort to gauge interest in specific developments, Sony has rolled out an invitation-only survey to a select group of PlayStation Network members. The primary purpose of the survey was to ascertain the most important features the PSN had on offer. In addition to a blank suggestion box, a list of significant features was included. They appear below:


The vast majority of options on offer are simple quality-of-life features, but the possibility for more classic titles is an enticing one. Perhaps most importantly, this survey demonstrates Sony’s willingness to adapt and listen to the customer’s desires. What eventually comes of this remains to be seen, but it’s interesting to see what Sony is thinking of bringing to the PSN table.

As a final note, the survey included a question regarding the next major System Update. With no release date set at this point, the options included run the full gamut of ‘sometime this year’ all the way through to ‘2017 or later.’ Of course, this may have little to no bearing on the actual release, but it’s refreshing to see the consumer be granted the ability to weigh in on such decisions.

Source: NeoGaf