Second Street Fighter V Beta Detailed


Details on the second Street Fighter V beta test have been revealed via a blog post over on CAPCOM-Unity. This second test, set to run from October 22nd to 25th, will mark the first opportunity for PC gamers to access the game, with the previous test running as a PS4 exclusive. However, PC players will have to wait until the tail end of the test window, with access opening on October 24th.

The main focus of this test, as stated by CAPCOM, is to investigate the stability of cross-platform play. This time, a different selection of characters will be playable, with Ken, Necalli, Vega and Rainbow Mika accessible from the beginning of the test. Rashid, and Karin will be added on subsequent days, while the characters from the previous beta will not be available.

As a closed beta test, access is restricted to a certain quantity of players. Pre-ordering a copy of the game, either on Steam or via retail guarantees a position in the test. North American participants are restricted to particular storefronts however, with GameStop, Amazon, Best Buy and the PlayStation Store offering exclusive access. Those without a pre-order can still sign up here for a chance to participate.

For full details, check out the extended post here.

Source: CAPCOM-Unity