Square Enix Closes Cloud Gaming Company Shinra Technologies


Ouch. Square Enix, what happened? After spending some time in 2014 boasting about this mysterious cloud-based gaming development company, which they named Shinra Technologies after the corporation from Final Fantasy VII, it was announced that this entity would be shutting down. The platform, which promised a more impressive way to look at games, is being shut down and liquidated.

With few projects barely getting off the ground, Square Enix’s announcement of closure will be met with nearly a 2.2 billion yen loss, which amounts to $16.8 million. Offices located in Montreal, New York, and Tokyo are being closed down, citing the company’s inability to receive capital from investors.

So, with the closure, does this mean that we can see higher quality games coming from them? Maybe this loss will signal a return to form for the company.