Star Citizen Raised the Most Kickstarter Money for the Second Year in a Row


Last year was another profitable year for Kickstarter games, altogether raising over $50 million. Of all the projects being funded, Star Citizen raised the most Kickstarter money for the second year in a row.

Star Citizen raised $34.91 million in 2017, which is slightly lower from 2016 which raised $36.11 million. Compared to the other games being funded by Kickstarter, it simply dwarfs everything else. It raise more money than the other 350 games combined. In its lifetime, Star Citizen has raised over $175.8 million, making it the most successful crowd funded video game of all time. It is also being reported that of all the money that was pledged to in 2016, 85-88% went to successful campaigns.

While the release date seems to be light years away, there are certain details to to get excited about. The game contains a single-player campaign called Squadron 42 and an untitled multiplayer mode. While story details are brief, the game will have an excellent cast. Some of the cast members include Mark Hamill, Gary Oldman and Gillian Anderson. The multiplayer game does not have a title yet but it is being described as a “persistent universe”. Hopefully more details can be revealed as time goes on.

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