StarCraft Remastered is Coming this Summer


Blizzard has announced that they will be remastering their legendary real-time strategy game, StarCraft. It will feature a complete graphical overhaul with 4K Ultra HD, enhanced audio and matchmaking support. Content-wise, the remastered version will feature everything that was available in the original StarCraft, as well as its expansion, Brood War.

New illustrations will be used in campaign missions in order to provide explanations to “enhance storytelling”, according to Blizzard. Additionally, the game will be playable in 13 languages and cloud saves have been introduced for campaign missions, custom-made maps, keybinds, and replays. StarCraft Remastered will be fully connected to Blizzard’s online network.

Update 1.18 for StarCraft: Brood War will also be released later this week which includes bug fixes and the addition of an observer mode and the ability to rebind keys. StarCraft Anthology, which features the original game as well as Brood War will be free to download once the update is live.

Originally released in 1998, StarCraft was one of the most popular RTS games on the market, and served as a counterpart of sorts to Blizzard’s other huge franchise, Warcraft.

StarCraft Remastered is set to release this summer for PC and Mac.