Steamworld Heist Sells Better Than Predecessor


Nintendo 3DS fans received a great surprise around December, when Steamworld Heist released on the eShop. The game, which received rave reviews from both users, critics, and myself, is doing great. According to developer Image and Form, through a blog communication from their website, sales went through the roof and exceeded expectations.

“So far SteamWorld Heist is an even bigger success than SteamWorld Dig. Not just in terms of sales: Reviews and community feedback are through the roof!

At the time of writing SteamWorld Heist is tied with Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate for the highest rated 3DS game of 2015 (not counting remakes), according to Metacritic. We have no sales figures to share today, but rest assured we’re very pleased with the numbers.”

Having personally enjoyed the game, the news puts a huge smile on my face. But with good news comes bad news about the title’s January update: the January update, which adds language packs, would be pushed a bit.

“The first SteamWorld Heist update (containing the French, Italian, German, Spanish and Russian translations) was originally planned for release on Nintendo 3DS this month. Time constraints have pushed this forward a bit.

We’re working hard to ensure it’s downright excellent and expect to have the update out before you know it. To make up for the delay we’re throwing in new surprises and lots of polish. Stay tuned!”

In some other personal news, the team has also decided to focus their social media expansion efforts to Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube, opting to halt their Instagram account. The development team has vowed to focus on interaction through forum media such as Reddit, NeoGAF, the Miiverse community, and similar like-minded groups, with a more video-centric communication focus.

The team looks like they’re in great shape, and a huge congratulations to Image and Form. We look forward to seeing what future awaits. And you know, we can’t thank you enough for the support.