Super Mario Run Has Biggest App Store Launch in History


Everyone knew that Nintendo’s second mobile app, Super Mario Run, would be a success  and with recently announced numbers the app managed to be downloaded an impressive 2.85 million times on its launch day.  No word yet on how much money the app has grossed as it is free to download.  For reference, Pokémon GO  was only downloaded 900,000 times in it’s first day, however this number jumped to 5.6 million over the course of the next two days.  Pokémon GO still holds the record for most first-week downloads in the history of the App Store, but only time will tell if it manages to hold onto the title.

Despite all the success of the app, Nintendo’s stocks still managed to fall by 5% yesterday with only a 1% recovery by the time the market closed.  Many people attribute this to the $9.99 price tag that is attached to the game, noting that some may be reluctant to spend that amount of money on a mobile app.

Have you downloaded Super Mario Run?  What are your thoughts on the price tag?  Let us know down below!