Supreme Court to Hear Microsoft’s Case for Xbox 360 Disk Scratching


Gaming has gotten serious, hasn’t it? Several years ago, 2007 to be exact, several lawyers decided to open up a case on the behalf of gamers who claimed that their Xbox 360 had scratched game disks as part of a manufacturer’s defect, to the point that the Xbox 360 games became unreadable. While Microsoft’s Xbox 360 was never scotch free of issues, with many recalling the infamous red ring of death, this one has gotten enough attention to warrant a decision from the United States Supreme Court.

In an early Xbox 360 console, game disks could be prone to scratching if the console was moved while games were in play. Microsoft did indeed note this, but people turned around and claimed that their disks were being scratched even without moving the console. In 2007, a class action lawsuit was filed with the courts; this lawsuit was dismissed by the federal courts in 2012, citing that not enough complaints were filed to be considered significant. Microsoft themselves released a statement claiming that less than 1% of Xbox 360 owners had this issue. The dismissal was reversed according to an Associated Press report.

This whole affair has finally led to the Supreme Court of the United States stepping in. The judicial body has agreed to hear Microsoft’s case for the last time: whether or not the gaming company would face the lawsuit. Either way, it’s going to be a very long time before we find out the verdict of this situation.