Second Sword Art Online: Hollow Realization Trailer Unveiled


Sword Art Online fans in Japan will be pleased to hear Sword Are Online: Hollow Realization will be released for the PS4 and PS Vita this fall. Bandai Namco announced this information alongside a second trailer for the game. The title has already been confirmed for a Western release, but no release date has been announced other than sometime in 2016.

The trailer shows some new gameplay footage of the party-based combat system. The player can issue commands to the rest of the group to perform attacks as well. A range of characters from the anime series will be making an appearance, including Asuna, Sinon and Leafa, among others. Finally, the company announced the voice actor Yuiko Tatsumi will voice a new character named Premia.

Hollow Realization is the fourth title in Sword Art Online franchise, and it is set to launch on both PS4 and PSVita later this year. The Sword Art Online franchise is also set to receive a virtual reality MMORPG later this year, though the specific details have yet to be confirmed.


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