Temporal Surge Will Let You Buy Destiny 2 Year 1 Emotes


Bungie is adding a new feature in Destiny 2 called “Temporal Surge” for Eververse, but it is here for a limited time. This feature will be available from November 6th to November 13th.

temporal surge

Whether you missed out on emotes from Year 1 or started Destiny 2 during the Forsaken expansion, Temporal Surge will let you purchase items from past Bright Engrams. You’ll be able to grab these emotes using Silver, the in-game currency in Destiny 2 which comes from real-world currency.

These are the prices: Rare Emotes are 200 Silver, Legendary Emotes are 500 Silver, and Exotic Emotes are 1000 Silver. Rare and Legendary emotes will look the same as the original, but the Exotic emotes are recolored to stand out as “Temporal visions”.

Bungie has said that this is the first Temporal Surge and future ones will carry more than just emotes.