TinyWars Tower Defense Strategy Title Reinvents Genre


A rather interesting piece of news came across my desk today, and while it’s no AAA title, it piqued my interest for its wit and approach. Bringing an anime-like approach to the strategy tower defense genre, the team at Bizurk Software has announced the development of the project, TinyWarsEven more significantly, it wasn’t the concept that TinyWars was trying to build up that impressed me, it was the development blogs that thoroughly discussed the planning of the title from the ground up: from little blue and red squares to an actual concept, conceived and developed with a relatively small team of individuals. The development blogs were close reminders of the struggles that I face as a web developer and administrator.


The premise of TinyWars is built around a group of vertically challenged individuals, fighting wars on a miniscule scale. The thematic elements of the title involve these individuals learning about the vast world around them. The main character, Mary, seeks to save her besieged kingdom, as well as grow up and fight for herself and the people. According to the Tiny Wars website, the game takes a new spin on the tower defense genre by developing levels that are all unique in their own way, forcing players to carefully budget and manage their units.

“The game is a tower defense game, featuring not hundreds of small, easy levels but rather a few carefully designed levels all different in their own way. We aim to bring the challenge level of TinyWars to a higher degree, requiring users to not mindlessly place towers but to carefully think, budget, and place their units wisely. All the aspects of a tower defense game ingeniously parallel the aspects of the story and “learning to grow up.”


TinyWars also rewards those who take the time to read, and builds its bases with lore, lore that contains potential tips to future missions. It’s also filled with customization options, and an original soundtrack. Based on all of the tower defense titles I’ve observed, most of them stop short of endless missions, with very few of them building up any kind of intriguing narrative. For that, TinyWars has an ambitious future ahead of it, and here’s to hoping everything takes off.

TinyWars is scheduled to be released sometime in 2016-2017; follow the development blog for more details and updates. Price to be determined.