Tri Force Heroes Japanese Site Provides Additional Details About Game


The Japanese site for Tri Force Heroes has updated with some new information about Nintendo’s latest Zelda title.

  • There are nine items in the game. These include the Sword, Bow and Arrow, Hookshot,  Boomerang, Fire Gloves, Water Rod, Wind Jar, and Hammer.
  • While there are 32 levels in the main game, there are also more stages based on existing levels that will give rare materials as a reward. These levels will only give the player a few hearts and Wallmasters will be chase players throughout the stage for added difficulty.
  • There will be a versus mode where you can challenge other players in battle. Players do not share a health bar like they do in campaign mode and the winner will receive rare materials.
  • There will be a Boss Rush mode, much like Ocarina of Time 3D and Skyward Sword.
  • A daily luck game will be available which will allow players to earn materials from treasure boxes.
  • You can take screenshots at anytime during the game and when you finish the level, you can upload them on to Miiverse for all of your friends to see.

Tri Force Heroes comes out on October 23 for the Nintendo 3DS and will be a three player co-operative experience.

Source: Perfectly Nintendo