Valve Acquires Campo Santo, Indie Developers of Firewatch

campo santo

In a post on Campo Santo’s development blog, the company announced that they will be joining Valve. Campo Santo’s post strongly projects a reliable alliance between the two companies, with constant reassurance that these companies are a great match for one another.

Valve has been absent in game development and publishing, having placed their attention on managing Steam. This step by Valve is not that surprising since Gabe Newell, co-founder of Valve, mentioned that the company will be changing direction during a presentation in March 2018. Newell said, “Hooray! Valve’s going to be shipping games again.” As an independent game developer, Campo Santo’s success requires more resources that a larger company can provide.

Artifact, a digital card game, is currently in development at Valve. The last game released by Valve was Dota 2 in 2013, and Artifact is set to release in 2019. By acquiring Campo Santo, Valve will be impactful in the game development business again.

Valve will keep the team of Campo Santo together and let them work on their current project. Reassuringly, In the Valley of Gods is still in development, but it will be published by Valve. Campo Santo’s team will be heading to Bellevue, Washington soon to develop the rest of their upcoming game under Valve. Also, Campo Santo’s games will not be PC exclusive and will be available for other platforms.

Campo Santo, founded almost five years ago, has been lauded for their success with Firewatch in 2016.  In the Valley of Gods is expected to release in 2019. While under Valve, Campo Santo will still be active on their development blog and produce their Quarterly Reviews.

Earlier this month, Campo Santo announced that Firewatch is coming to Nintendo Switch.