Wearable Devices Powered By Flexible Batteries

Models presenting Samsung's flexible batteries
Models presenting Samsung's flexible batteries

As wearable devices become more commonplace, batteries which are able to power them are required. The InterBattery 2015 Exhibition held in Seoul, South Korea, is a trade show for the global battery industry. This year Samsung and LG showcased prototypes for flexible batteries to power future wearable devices. Samsung showcased two variants of “band-shaped” batteries dubbed “Stripe” and “Band”. The Band is for smart watches only and attaches to the strap as an extra battery, while the Stripe is an ultra-slim battery which could be used to create any kind of wearable the future needs. Meanwhile LG showcased only one battery dubbed the “wire-battery” which can bend into a circle of 15-mm radius.

It will be a few years until these flexible batteries become commercially available, with Samsung hoping to deploy the new batteries as early as 2017.

Source: Gadgets NDTV