What is Drawn to Death?

Drawn to Death

Drawn to Death is a new and unique third-person shooter from the famed video game developer David Jaffe. This anarchic and fast paced shooter takes place in a teenager’s notebook as he sits in a dull classroom.

The gameplay is hand drawn battles between distinctive characters from a teenager’s imagination. Each character has a set of special abilities that fit that character’s personality. However some abilities can be counter productive depending on who is targeted. For example, the punk rock themed character can use an attack called “Devils Riff” that causes damage to enemies except for the demon themed character who is healed instead. All gameplay occurs online with other players, so a PS Plus membership is required.

On the PS store page, it says you get to “dive into the bizarre imagination of a high-school kid and face up to three others in an ever-changing multiplayer arena. Call on the young artist himself to reach inside the pages and do battle on your behalf, pouring soft drinks over your opponents or slamming his fist down onto the paper.”

Currently Drawn to Death can only be played on the PlayStation 4 via the PS store. It was released on April 4th, however it will be free this month to all PS Plus members.