Xbox One Price Officially Lowered to $299


Microsoft quietly rolled out a new price tag for the Xbox One lineup, starting officially on the Microsoft Xbox site at $299. The price, which has been unofficially used by retailers starting from the holiday season, is not surprising, given the rumors of a rumored slimmer Xbox One that would be announced at this year’s E3 conference. With most companies looking towards a middling console being announced at E3, the price cuts are normal. In reality, now it means that the consoles can be bumped even lower by retailers towards the $250 price range. The price is real, but the lowering prices at retail towards the $250 are entirely speculative (and reasonable speculation, at that).

With E3 getting ever closer, Microsoft has plans to change the game with their show; prominent updates to the user interface of the Xbox One, new first-party games, and ideally, the slimmer Xbox One. Let us see how many of those wishes come true. We’ll keep you posted on our E3 events; feel free to follow @GamerProsNews for the latest show floor developments.