Xbox One X Sales Flop in Japan, Just 1,344 Units Purchased on its Debut


While the Xbox One X sales are surpassing many people’s expectations, outselling the PS4 Pro debut and matching Nintendo Switch sales, things haven’t gone so well over in Japan. The Japanese video gaming website puts the Xbox One X as only having shifted just 1,344 systems in its weekly sales ranking. This is officially the worst Xbox console launch in Japan by a very long way, as the Xbox One sold almost 20 times that in its first week: 23,562 units. And even that wasn’t good by any stretch of the imagination. This just seems to be another ‘loud and clear’ message to Microsoft from our friends across the pond – they just don’t want an Xbox console of any kind.

The figures also show the Nintendo Switch still going strong, with just under 80,000 sold, the PS4 has found 20,000 new homes, and the PS4 Pro sits at 6,000 consoles sold. The standard Xbox One brings up the rear with a measly 121 units sold.

What do you think of this news? Is it time for Microsoft to give up in Japan? Or should they keep trying to carve out a market in a country that clearly doesn’t care? Let us know in the comments section below.


  1. ill be in osaka be checking it out for you sigh* it was always games sell consoles never consoles sell games

    *ps was waiting for a diablo 4 announce on xbox x, being that diablo 3 was on xbox one guess ill have to wait much longer btw already have the xbox x on pre-order

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