E3 2018

Gears Pop: The Highlight of Microsoft’s E3

At Microsoft’s E3 2018 showcase, we were waiting for news about a new Gears of War title. While we eventually got what we wanted...

E3 2018: I Feel Like a Pro at Pokemon Let’s Go

I was invited by Nintendo of America to participate in a closed-door demo of their newest titles, one of which was Pokémon Let's Go...
indie games

5 Best Indie Games Shown at E3 2018 Conferences

The E3 2018 conferences showed off a heap of impressive indie games launching next year. While the AAA games got the roars and cheers from...

E3 2018 Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Champion Link and Ridley Gameplay

It finally happened! I was able to secure an appointment at E3 yesterday to play the new Super Smash Bros. Ultimate on the Nintendo...

Microsoft’s Kingdom Hearts III Trailer A Misfire

Just when you think that "Let It Go" is finally out of your head, it turns out, it isn't. Microsoft brought out, for the...

Nintendo E3 Direct – The Most Disappointing presentation of E3 2018

Simply put: the Nintendo E3 Direct was very disappointing. There were some good announcements but overall it was underwhelming. It wasn't awful by any...

Metroid Prime 4: What Happened?!

Fans that tuned in last year to the Nintendo Switch Direct during E3 were surprised and blown away to realize that Nintendo had been...

New fighters are coming to Super Smash Bros Ultimate!

Super Smash Bros Ultimate huge roster is going to be even bigger than we thought. Not only it will feature every single character in...

Cayde-6 Had to Die so Destiny 2 Could Live

So...Cayde-6 is dead. If you had any doubts about Cayde during the trailer, Steve Cotton and Scott Taylor confirmed his death in an interview...

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate E3 2018 Trailer Detailed

This is a developing story.  Nintendo is going in hot at E3 this year, and with much focus dedicated to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate for...





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