Tap My Katamari Trademark Claimed

It’s been a few years since the last Katamari game, but the wait might not last much longer. Bandai Namco Games, the developer and publisher of the Katamari franchise, recently filed a trademark claim for an unknown product to be titled “Tap My Katamari.” The trademark was accompanied by the registration of a domain by the same name, though it is currently serving solely as a placeholder site.

The information within the claim seems to lean more towards a mobile or arcade game, but without word from Bandai Namco, it is difficult to confirm the exact details. While a copyright claim does not always lead to a product release, it’s fairly indicative that there is something in development, and we saw a similar case with the recent Valkyria Chronicles sequel reveal.

The previous Katamari game released on the Vita back in 2011, and the franchise had received almost annual installments up to that point since 2004. The quirky tone and immediately appealing style of the game helped cement its place in the minds of gamers.

Source: NeoGaf

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