As Sony begins rolling out emulated PS2 software for the PS4 hardware, they are turning to Twitter to gauge the most desired titles. With the hashtag #PS2PS4, Sony staff are monitoring the most popular suggestions from the extensive catalog of PlayStation 2 software. While no suggestions made this way are guaranteed to make the transition to the newer hardware, it stands as a great way to bring attention to your favourite PS2 games.

Popular titles so far include Xenosaga, Persona 3, Dragon Quest VIII, Tekken, SOCOM and many others. A cursory glance through the Twitter archives shows that there is an incredible amount of support for a wide variety of titles. It’s not only a great opportunity to relive your favourite games of yore, but also to experience some gems you might have missed.

If you’re up for a stroll down memory lane, or if you want to put forward your cherished PS2 games, head on over to Twitter.