Tap My Katamari Rolls Onto iOS and Android

Katamari fans rejoice, as the previously reported trademark claim for Tap My Katamari has come to fruition, with Bandai Namco releasing a brief trailer today. The short video captures the infectious charm and humour of the franchise, as well as briefly demonstrating the new gameplay style. This fresh 2D sidescroller approach to the Katamari formula is set 10 years after the events of Katamari Damacy. It sees the player-controlled Prince rolling up a range of new stars after the King of All Cosmos triggers an unfortunate musical accident. The familiar witty writing and enchanting art style are all present, as is a range of catchy tunes.

Tap My Katamari is set to release on both Android and iOS, and is the fifth game in the franchise to launch for mobile devices. No specific release date has been revealed at this time.

Published by Michael Spiteri

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