Amazon Prime Members Receive Discount on Video Games


Amazon Prime members are set to receive a nifty universal discount on video games, with a new benefit rolling out today. Any Prime member is entitled to a 20 percent discount off of newly released video games, from pre-release through two weeks after release. The offer only extends to physical copies, and only when the order is fulfilled directly through Amazon. Any pre-existing, valid orders will receive the discount, and the offer extends to any item within the ‘video game’ category, including amiibo and the like.


As a gamer in Australia, any opportunity to see discounted, newly released titles is a welcome change. This benefit provides an excellent alternative, despite its restriction to the US region. Such a drastic shift in initial price points could potentially lead to a shift across the market. With the price of video games on a steady rise, this could be the potential break that the consumer base needs. On the flip side, a lower initial price point could drive more developers towards micro-transactions and DLC in the post-launch period, but there’s no way to know which way this will go, and competition is always healthy for the market.

There is no listed end date to the offer, but Amazon reserves the right to modify or cancel the offer at any time, to directly reference the terms and conditions.