Unity Support Unveiled for Nintendo 3DS Hardware

Aspiring game developers have a new tool at their disposal, with the Unity team announcing support for New Nintendo 3DS hardware today. The software engine is utilized across a range of platforms, from PC and consoles to mobile hardware, and is a popular choice among new developers. The 3DS application has been in progress for some time, but is available now for free to those in the Nintendo Developer program.

Though it currently has somewhat limited functionality, it’s an enormous step forward for the independent development scene on Nintendo hardware. The Wii U has had support for the Unity engine for quite some time, but the 3DS presents some unique design possibilities that can’t be found elsewhere. The Unity team is currently working with certain development teams to port existing titles to the 3DS, and have so far met a reasonable degree of success.

Though the software can reach its best potential on New Nintendo 3DS hardware, it is also compatible with the original 3DS model. If you’re interested in seeing what the Unity engine has to offer on 3DS hardware, visit Nintendo’s Developer Portal for more information. Development requires the usage of particular hardware, which can be acquired through Nintendo’s Developer Portal.

Published by Michael Spiteri

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