Killer Instinct Season 3 Teased


Fans of Rare’s Killer Instinct received a neat little surprise in the form of a brief teaser trailer. At the currently-running KI World Cup, the teaser trailer for the upcoming Season 3 content update was unveiled. The trailer was dedicated to the reveal of Halo’s Arbiter as an upcoming playable character, though no further details were revealed.

Killer Instinct launched in 2013, utilizing a free-to-play model. At launch, only one character was playable, with additional options available through microtransactions. One year later, Season 2 was launched, including a vast range of new characters. The full range of additional characters for the upcoming Season 3 expansion is yet to be announced, but so far includes Rash, from the classic Battletoads franchise, alongside the aforementioned Arbiter, and a selection of characters from Killer Instinct 2. Additional crossover characters may indeed be on the cards, and with both Rare and Microsoft catalogs to dig into, there are many options.

No release date has been announced for the upcoming expansion, but releases so far have been on an almost annual basis. With several months before the release anniversary, we’ll likely see more reveals on the way soon.