New Teaser for Uncovered: Final Fantasy XV Event


As announced back in February, the ‘Uncovered: Final Fantasy XV’ event is just a few days away, and Square Enix has shared a teaser trailer to build anticipation. Although the teaser shares little in the way of hard information, it does confirm that a release date will be announced, alongside a slew of other information. The confirmed reveals include a demo release, as well as the included features and extras available at launch, though some exclusive news is set for a reveal during the show.

The event is set to take place at 10pm EDT on March 30, from the Shrine Auditorium in LA. Although tickets are no longer available, the event will be broadcast live internationally, via YouTube and Twitch in four different languages. Greg Miller and Tim Gettys of Kinda Funny are set to host the event.

We’ve seen small trickles of information regarding the hotly anticipated Final Fantasy XV, but it has certainly been a slow reveal. Although there is no way to know what information we’ll see at the Uncovered event, the sheer scale and spectacle seems to suggest that some major news is on the way. At the very least, a concrete release date is certainly something to get excited about, particularly with the confirmation that Final Fantasy XV will see a simultaneous worldwide release.

Final Fantasy XV will release on both Xbox One and PS4 at an unspecified point this year.