Splatoon Gears up for a SpongeBob-Themed Splatfest


In a collaboration with Nickelodeon, Nintendo has announced that Splatoon‘s latest Splatfest event will carry a SpongeBob Squarepants theme. Players can side with either SpongeBob or Patrick and compete in ranked Turf War matches over the course of 18 hours. All participating players will receive a t-shirt of their preferred character, with Super Sea Snails, which are used to upgrade in-game gear on offer for the winning side.


It’s an interesting expansion for the Nintendo brand, though it’s one that I didn’t particularly expect. This marks the second sponsored Splatfest, following Hasbro’s Transformers, which occurred in August last year. It’s also the first time that a Splatfest will be open across regions, allowing American and European players to compete in the same field. The SpongeBob-themed event will run from 6am PST on April 23 through to 12pm PST on April 24.