Guile to Somersault into Street Fighter V

Another update is inbound for Street Fighter V, complete with a new character, stage and a slew of gameplay tweaks and balances. The focus this time around is the fan-favorite Guile, who will be making his first appearance in Street Fighter V. He retains his renowned Sonic Boom and Somersault Kick abilities, allowing for a great degree of control over both aerial and ground combat. New to SFV, he gains the ability to charge his attacks while moving forward, allowing for increased pressure.

Guile also comes equipped with a brand new V-Skill, V-Trigger and Critical Art, putting him in line with his fellow combatants. His V-Skill creates a stationary projectile which can be used to amplify the effects of his Sonic Boom, while his V-Trigger unleashes a chain of Sonic Booms, with projectile speed determined by individual button presses. Akin to his competitors, his Critical Art functions as a finisher, allowing for a solid burst of damage in a pinch. Guile will be accompanied by the familiar Air Force Base stage, marking the first DLC stage for SFV.


The online component is the core focus of the adjustments this time around, with a slew of matchmaking improvements inbound. These changes are dedicated to simplifying the connection process, allowing for quicker and easier play. Also included in the update is a ‘rage quit’ system to punish disconnections. Repeated disconnections will lock the player out of matchmaking for a short period, though adjustments to this system will be made in the future.

Guile will be available to SFV players completely free of charge until the Zenny shop launches, though the Air Force Base stage will require a fight money transaction of 70,000FM to access. The Guile update will launch later this month across all platforms.

Published by Michael Spiteri

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