Volition Studios Announces Agents of Mayhem

It’s been a while since we’ve hear of any activity coming out of Volition Studios, the developers behind the hit Saints Row series. Well today news finally broke about their newest IP Agents of Mayhem, seen in the video above.

Agents of Mayhem will bring back the familiar open-world style of gameplay that we’ve seen in past Saints Row games, although this time in a futuristic rendition of Seoul, the capital of South Korea.

Agents of Mayhem will star three protagonists: Fortune and her robot Glory, Hardtack the Juggernaut with a grappling hook and the strength to pull billboards down, and finally Hollywood who seems to have the standard video game soldier load-out, but fills his time away from the team as an actor. Together they oppose the forces of L.E.G.I.O.N., who’s nefarious deeds have yet to be reveled. You can count on hearing more about Agents of Mayhem in the coming months, and hopefully we’ll some gameplay footage in the near future.