Horizon Zero Dawn New Trailer At E3

Horizon Zero Dawn

This year at E3 Sony showcased Horizon Zero Dawn, among other vastly anticipated games. From previous videos and updates we know this game looks like Far Cry Primal meets Ark, in a world well after nature had retaken the world. We follow an outcast searching for her origin.

The wilderness is rendered beautifully as we meet different creatures. Showing some of the combat with an explosive slingshot and crafting traps as she makes her way on an epic journey across a giant map. More elements from similar titles are shown like taming creatures, mounts and harvesting components. At each level of the world it seems something is happening.

Once we reach our objective, a village under attack, more combat is shown. We get a look at a powerful bow used for precision as she takes down big targets. These enemies are corrupting creatures in the area and making them go berserk. Once they are injured, weak points are exposed and easily taken advantage of.