Super Nintendo World Announced For Universal Japan


Nintendo’s plans and theme parks keep expanding!  Earlier today, “Super Nintendo World” was announced with an anticipated summer 2020 opening at Universal Studios Japan.  Super Nintendo World will consist of “state-of-the-art rides, interactive areas, shops and restaurants all featuring Nintendo’s most popular characters and games”.  So while everything we’ve heard along with the few pieces of concept art gives off a Mario-esq feel, perhaps we can expect to see some Zelda or Pikmin areas, and maybe if we’re lucky, some StarFox.  Development costs are currently expected to be around 50 billion Yen, or just about 435 million USD, with a projected income of over 10 trillion yen.

For us over here in the west, we can still expect smaller Nintendo themed areas to hit Universal Parks & Resorts sometime in the future as an expected opening has yet to be announced.  All Nintendo locations are currently being overseen by Shigeru Miyamoto and President of Universal Creative, Mark Woodbury.  No details have been released regarding rides or attractions at the park but with the art provided we can best speculate that the parks will mostly borrow the scenery and style found in the Super Mario 3D Land and World games.

How do you feel about the upcoming Nintendo theme parks?  Is it something you plan on visiting or staying away from?  Personally the idea of bringing other franchise such as Metroid or F-Zero excite me the most in terms of theme park attractions.  Let us know your dream Nintendo ride in the comments below!