Nintendo Direct 09/16 Abridged

Above is the latest batch of announcements from Nintendo in their video presentation, this time centering around the 3DS, 3DS XL, and *New* 3DS. Below is a highlights reel of what’s coming Nintendo’s line of handheld consoles over the rest of the year.

MunchlaxSnorlax gets Heavy in Pokemon Sun and Moon

For those who purchase either Pokemon Sun or Moon early, they will be able to receive Munchlax until Jan. 11, 2017. As well as this, Munchlax will come equipped with a special item “Snorlium Z”. When Munchlax is evolved into Snorlax, and paired with the new Z-Ring accessory, players gain access to what looks like both a devastating and hilarious unique move “Pulverizing Pancake.” As well as this, we were given a detailed glimpse of a new gameplay feature — regional variants. In Pokemon Sun and Moon, Rattata can appear with a darker coat, and will be Dark type, as well as Normal.

Mario MakerSuper Mario Maker Now Available in Pocket Size

Lovers of the Wii U version of Super Mario Maker will now be able to display their creative flair (specific to designing fiendish Mario courses) in a portable, 3DS version. Though similar to the Wii U version in many ways, players will not be able to upload their creations to the internet. Instead, sharing courses is encouraged via local wireless and StreetPass. There are also some components of the 3DS version that aren’t compatible with or are exclusive to the Wii U, such as the Mystery Mushroom, and even some levels. We are assured though that with 100 Nintendo designed levels, we will not be left wanting.

PlazaStressPass Functionality Undergoes Roadworks

Some much needed improvements have been added to Nintendo’s Mii Plaza. It is now mercifully quicker to cycle through the messages of visiting Miis encountered using StreetPass. Also, instead of a maximum of 10 encounters using StreetPass, you can now send those 10 away to the plaza gate to encounter 10 of their own, bringing your own total up to 100 encounters. As well as this, Nintendo are adding 5 new games to play with your Mii and those you’ve encountered via StreetPass.

Tanks2Tanks for the New Game!

A 3DS exclusive, Tank Troopers was revealed, and looks to be rather fun. You are put into control of a tank that has a range of abilities, such as ice or lightning attacks, depending on which troopers you have in your tank. As well as a single and multiplayer mode, the game offers Download Play, which allows 6 players to take on the game together.

AceAll Rise for Ace Attorney – Spirit of Justice

The Ace Attorney franchise gets another outing with the aptly named, Spirit of JusticeThe quirk of this iteration is what are being called seance trials are conducted to determine the guilt or innocence of the defendants. We can expect another wacky roster of characters, thematic puzzles relating to the mysterious premise, as well as some more highly-spirited Objections!

DragonDragon Quest 8 Still an Adventure Away

Originally scheduled for 2016, the Dragon Quest 8 remake’s North American release has been pushed back to 2017. While this may come as a let-down to some, Dragon Quest 7 has also been remade and updated, bringing with it hours of new content and StreetPass functionality. This allows players to explore new dungeons and encounter new monsters. Dragon Quest 7 is set for release on Sept. 16th.

Yoshi’s Woolly World Gets a Little SofterYoshi

Originally Yoshi’s Woolly World on the Wii U, the 3DS adaptation is dubbed Poochy and Yoshi’s Woolly World, due to the increased focus on the adorable little pup, Poochy. As well as bringing every stage from the Wii U version, there are now 3DS exclusive stages that feature Poochy. Yoshi can also call upon Poochy Pups to guide the player towards level secrets and collectibles. Available Feb. 3rd, 2017.

Ever OasisEver Oasis Wets Your Whistle

Another new addition to the future 3DS line-up, Ever Oasis was announced during a previous Nintendo Direct, and is now shown in greater depth. You are tasked with venturing out into the desert to fight monsters, raid dungeons, and be an all-round RPG hero, with the aim of making your home Oasis flourish. Allies will join your quest, bringing with them their own unique abilities to solve puzzles that require specialized solutions. Due out for 2017.

PikminPikmin Go 2D on the 3DS

A new Pikmin side-scrolling adventure is coming to the 3DS in 2017. Though sparse on the details, it looks as if similar mechanics of the Pikmin universe will be utilized in this game. Tap the screen to direct your army of Pikmin to a specific task, and they’ll get to it. Red Pikmin are fire-resistant, blue are adept in water, and yellow can be hurled to great heights, whilst also avoiding electricity. The game is being designed with action in mind, meaning that you’ll have to make fast decisions and act quickly.

Though not an exhaustive list, above are some of the more noteworthy revelations in the latest Nintendo Direct broadcast. The broadcast itself contains a full run-down of what was announced, but its safe to say that 3DS owners have a lot to look forward to.

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