5 Best Indie Games Shown at E3 2018 Conferences

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The E3 2018 conferences showed off a heap of impressive indie games launching next year. While the AAA games got the roars and cheers from the crowd, these five indie games bring adventures that are rarely seen in the gaming industry.

Here are the five best adventure-centric indie games that were shown during this year’s E3 shows.

5. Afterparty

indie games

The developers of Oxenfree are back with their upcoming game, Afterparty. The story is about two best friends, Lola and Milo, that just died and find themselves in neon Hell. Lola and Milo think that it is bizarre that they are in Hell with thieves and thugs, and that they should deserve better. However, there is a loophole, if they can out-drink Satan then he will let them go back to Earth.

This adventure takes you through a pub crawl night in Hell, but you need to make it to Satan’s exclusive after-party. That is where you will challenge him into a drink off.

In Afterparty, every bar has its own theme, you can drink, do karaoke, or join a game of beer pong. The bars are designed to push their story forward, but your decisions matter. Different drinks will have different effects on your characters, it can either make them reckless or give them the confidence to say whatever they want. This one night in Hell will be one unpredictable adventure.

Platforms: PC

Release Date: 2019

4. Night Call

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The story is just as dark and mysterious as it looks.

This narrative-adventure game where you, a taxi driver that knows every corner of Paris, drives around while searching for a serial killer. Every character and location in this Noir-style, black and white city are hand-drawn, which is really fitting for this type of story. Night Call is an investigative game where you have conversations with your passengers and try to gather information from the right patrons.

You get to play two roles here, the investigator and the cabbie. As a cabbie, you will need to earn enough money to pay your bills and to pay for your cab. This game is about balance, make your money and find the right passengers. This murder mystery has to be solved before the serial killer makes their next move, the clock and meter are ticking away.

Night Call has multiple endings and some runs may have multiple killers. Also, it is a nonlinear game so you can play through it multiple times, because every run will be a different experience.

Platforms: PC, Mac, Linux, iOS, and Android

Release Date: 2019

3. Tunic

indie games

Tunic was the cutest out of all the games shown at E3 2018. It stars a brave little fox on an action-packed adventure in a puzzling open-world.

As the fox, with a handy sword and shield, you explore the mysterious isometric world filled with ruins and dangerous creatures. In the wilderness, fight monsters, find treasure chests, break pots, and slash down little trees to clear your way.

Andrew Shouldice, the creator of Tunic, described, “The combat is technical, it’s going to require decision making. It’s going to require careful exploration and planning.” This is a game where it will become more challenging as you progress, treasures will be harder to find and combat will require new tactics.

Finji hasn’t revealed much about this game’s story, but from the trailers, I can tell that this will be an adventure to remember.

Platforms: Xbox One and PC

Release Date: 2019

2. Sable

indie games

This is like one of those game where you roll your shoulders back, relax, and drift off into another world.

Sable is a stunning, colorful, thin lined comic-style animation by Shedworks. This open-world adventure takes place in a desert which you get to explore with your hoverbike. You’ll play as a young Sable in this coming-of-age story.

You explore an alien planet and visit ancient monuments, architectural ruins, and spaceships that fell from the sky. While finding these artifacts, you will uncover the history of the planet, its inhabitants, and help the character discover her place in that world.

The music was done by Japanese Breakfast and it absolutely blessed the E3 reveal trailer. Thankfully, we’ll be hearing more of those chill vibes throughout Sable.

Platforms: Xbox One and PC

Release Date: 2019

1. Sea of Solitude

indie games

When Cornelia Geppert discussed Sea of Solitude during EA’s conference, she made it clear that a lot of passion went into this game. Geppert explained that she wrote this game when she felt incredibly lonely. When someone is so engulfed in their emotions that they put in into their art, you know that whatever they create will be wonderful.

Developer Jo-Mei brings a visually colorful, yet dark story about a young woman named Kay. Her loneliness has turned her into a monster and she needs to find her way to becoming human again. On this journey, Kay will learn what happened to her and how she became a monster.

The story in Sea of Solitude artistically depicts realistic issues surrounding the loneliness people face. The overarching story is about acknowledging and embracing one’s emotions, which many people will be able to relate to. We don’t see a game like his too often.

Platforms: PlayStation 4, PC, and Xbox One

Launch: 2019

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