5 Indie Games to Keep an Eye out for in 2019

indie games 2019

Even though much highly-anticipated AAA games are launching next year, upcoming indie games look just as appealing. Here are the 5 indie games you wouldn’t want to miss in 2019.

The Pathless

indie games 2019

The Pathless is a tense, yet atmospheric adventure game based on a mythic story about a Hunter. This Hunter is an experienced archer, accompanied by an eagle, who is on a mission to get rid of a dark curse.

On this supernatural island, you will hunt corrupted souls, discover secrets in the enchanted forest, find ancient ruins, and solve puzzles. Unlike Giant Squid’s meditative game Abzû, the developers added fighting mechanics in The Pathless.

Be ready to take on magnificent creatures!

Platforms: PS4

Release Date: TBA 2019

In the Valley of Gods

indie games 2019

Campo Santo takes you out of Wyoming in Firewatch and drops you into the 1920’s Egyptian desert in their next game, In the Valley of Gods. The trailer for this game captures the heat, mystery, historical wonder, and thrill of exploration so expect no less when the game launches.

In the game, you take on the role of a filmmaker exploring ruins of an ancient Egyptian civilization. However, you and your partner have an objective: “making a seemingly-impossible discovery and an incredible film.” Whatever this discovery is, it will either benefit these filmmakers or place them in a dangerous situation.

Platforms: Window, Mac, Linux

Release Date: TBA 2019

The Last Campfire
indie games 2019

The developers of No Man’s Sky are launching a game as part of their Hello Games Short called The Last Campfire. This is a story about a lost Ember, which is your charming, little character.

Trapped in a world of puzzles, you’ll need to find your way out. Along the way, you’ll learn about the world’s odd creatures, ancient ruins, and come across other lost ones. This will be an adventure filled with exploration and making discoveries. Principally, your goal in the game will be to light The Last Campfire.

Platforms: TBA. Add The Last Campfire to your Steam wishlist.

Release Date: TBA 2019

Neo Cab

indie games 2019

Lina is the last human cab driver in Los Ojos, a futuristic neon city. As Lina, you’ll be driving the cab with the purpose of locating your friend that had suddenly disappeared.

You’ll come across passengers that have different personalities but be careful when choosing them because Neo Cab is an emotional survival game. Balancing your emotional health, star rating, cash, and your conversations with passengers is key in keeping your job until you find Lina’s lost friend.

Platforms: Windows, Mac, Linux

Release Date: February 5, 2019

Among Trees

indie games 2019

FJRD Interactive’s first game title called Among Trees is an adventure game that takes place in a colorful forest.

Although the game appears joyous, you won’t be completely free of danger. You’ll have to scavenge for food and chop down trees while staying out of harm’s way. It’s not just the animals you have to fear, be cautious when exploring in bone-chilling blizzards and unpredictable nights.

You won’t just be a wanderer though since there’s a little cabin in the woods just for you. That will be your home, a home you can expand and unlock game mechanics like cooking skills and tool crafting.

Platforms: TBA. Add Among Trees to your Steam wishlist. Early Access will be sometime this winter.

Release Date: TBA 2019


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