50 Minutes of Final Fantasy XV Gameplay

Final Fantasy XV

After the announcement of Final Fantasy XV‘s two month delay, Game Director Hajime Tabata promised there would be a massive gameplay demo released at Gamescom. And boy did he deliver. The video (seen above), highlights elements of Final Fantasy XV, from the battles systems to journal layout and quests. It even shows of the back-and-fourth banter between the cast of bros on a road trip to save the world.

The demo starts in the beginning hours of the game, and skips over routine scenes of running around to show off the action of the game. One of the most notable changes to Final Fantasy XV is that they did away with the familiar turn-based battle system seen in series fans most familiar Final Fantasy titles (Final Fantasy VII, X, and XIII to name a few). Instead, Final Fantasy XV adopts a real-time battle system more semi-similar to past titles such as Final Fantasy XII, without using an Active Time Battle guage. In the demo, elements such as dodging and group battle interactions are seen, possible inspired by games such as Tales of Xillia, Zestiriaetc. or DmC.

Many fans have shown discontent with the new direction that Final Fantasy XV is taking, sparking comments around the internet ranging from announcements of cancelled pre-orders, to vows to never play another game in the series again. Still some fans claim that this will be the game that brings needed life back to the Final Fantasy series. With the release date creeping towards us, time will tell what impact Final Fantasy XV has on the series and it’s fans.

Check out the video above to see some of the changes, and let me know in the comments below what you think of the new direction Final Fantasy XV is taking the series in.

Published by Jordan Aslett - Managing Editor

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