Mission Statement

Hello, and thanks for stopping by Gamer Professionals! At Gamer Professionals, our primary goal is to inform our readers. This website was built on one fundamental principle: to allow the discussions between gamers and professionals to meet and chat about affairs in the video gaming and technology industries. The thing is, we’re not like any other journalism site out there. Instead of having staff trained in journalism, we accept the voices of writers and talents in the professional industries outside of the media. From healthcare to engineering, from the creative arts to communications, we want a diverse cast to support and expand upon the games industry. There’s an untapped market of people who can still have opinions out there, and it’s a good time to utilize that particular pool. We want to not only make a statement to other outlets, but we want to stand alone and above to become your primary news source for gaming and technologies.

The primary inspirations for Gamer Professionals were publications like Game Trailers or 1Up.com, sites who have pioneered games media coverage. We believe that with time, we will stand alone as a recommended source for games media.

Originally started by the current owner and Chief Editor, Brandon Bui, in August 2015, Brandon is currently using his expertise and worldview to study as a Doctor of Pharmacy at the University of Arkansas for the Medical Sciences, and will achieve a doctorate degree by the year 2020.

Message From The Chief Editor

Hello there, Brandon Bui here. Thanks for taking the time and stopping by this website. I do hope that you’ll enjoy the material you find here and spread the word. Had someone told me, several years ago, that I would end up where I am today, I’d have laughed in their face. Life has its way of doing things, however, and here I am. I wouldn’t be here without the support of each and every one of my readers, critics, friends, and family. So, from me to you, thank you again so much for letting Gamer Professionals be your home, fleeting or long-term.