Gamer Professionals, as a publication, collaborates alongside many different technology manufacturers, gaming publishers, and media publications on a frequent basis. As such, this page will be dedicated to those who have shown repeated support and loyalty to help develop the Gamer Professionals brand. If you wish to join Gamer Professionals as an affiliate, please send an email to [email protected]

The eSports Amateur Competitor’s League, a Gamer Professionals sponsor, is a charity organization based in Anaheim, CA, and focuses on developing young talents in the eSports industry as they strive to become professionals.


Nintendo of America are one of the pioneers of the video gaming industry, focusing on games that bring together the family through the Nintendo Wii U and the Nintendo 3DS family of consoles.



Logitech Gaming are the premier video game accessory providers for video gaming competitions, with product lines being featured in usage by eSports teams and professionals alike.



Image and Form, the Swedish development studio responsible for critically acclaimed Steamworld Dig and Steamworld Heist, are an independent studio developer for the Nintendo platform.



Bizurk Studios is an independent design studio based out of Orange County, California, and are responsible for the development of the to-be-released tower defense title, TinyWars, coming to players in 2016-2017.



This Hong Kong-based hardware and technology manufacturer designs a large number of gaming accessories, accessories that have seen highly positive acclaim through nostalgia-inducing designs.



Caudabe is a phone accessory manufacturer, based out of Ohio, with a primary focus on premium iPhone case design.



Performance Designed Products is a video gaming and technology accessory manufacturer, with a focus on premium products. Their Afterglow designs are high-quality products that can compete against first party equipment.


Gamer Professionals is proud to be a part of the Open Critic Contributor Program, advancing review aggregation for games media. Our reviews are now going to be posted there as well, so stay tuned.