All Aboard the Monster Hunter Cross Hype Train

In the lead-up to the Tokyo Game Show later this month, CAPCOM has been teasing fans with short snippets of gameplay for the upcoming anticipated title Monster Hunter X. Each day for the past week has seen CAPCOM upload demos for two of the 14 weapons, with the final release taking place today.

If you haven’t boarded the hype train as of yet, Monster Hunter X (pronounced “Cross”) is the latest addition to the much-loved Monster Hunter franchise, and is set to mix up the formula in a number of ways. The biggest addition is that of the “Hunting Style”, a range of four unique styles that the player can choose from between quests that drastically change the gameplay approach. Each of the weapon demos highlight the four styles in relation to each of the weapons, plus a small selection of the new Hunter Arts, special super skills available for each weapon, showcasing the variation and customisation that Monster Hunter X emphasises.

The four styles are:

Guild Style: The bread and butter Monster Hunter style. It utilizes the same core mechanics as previous games, with slight additions and modifications added for certain weapons. Examples include the new heat gauge mechanic for Gunlance, which encourages a balance between shelling and thrusting, and the flexible weapon coatings system for Sword and Shield.
Aerial Style: An approach focused on launching an assault from the air, rather than the ground as is tradition. CAPCOM has emphasised that this does not mean that Aerial Style is dedicated to mounting monsters, but rather that the focus is on attacking the enemy from different angles. Each of the weapons gain a short hop to replace the standard evasion roll, which can be used to vault off the monster.
Bushido Style: A style focused on dodges and counters. Choosing the Bushido Style enables the ability to Perfect Evade or Guard. By dodging or guarding with perfect timing, the Bushido Style allows you to reposition or counter with complete safety, and often allows completely new combo paths. On the flip side, missing that Perfect Evade or Guard can put you in serious trouble, so approach with caution!
Striker Style: With the addition of the Hunter Arts, Striker Style is the path to choose if you want to hit as hard as possible. It enables you to equip up to three Arts, more than any other Style, and increases the charge rate for each skill. It’s simple and straightforward, at the cost of the variability of the other styles.

Picking a Style outside of Guild will have both costs and benefits. Certain moves or functions will be altered or removed completely, so Guild style remains a viable option if you’re not sold on the rather flashy alternative approaches. In particular, Striker Style is largely simplified, with most combos stripped down to focus on the damage and utility of the Hunter Arts. While we don’t know the specifics as of yet, more information will be available with CAPCOM’s showing at the Tokyo Game Show.

Monster Hunter X remains unconfirmed for a Western release, but is slated to hit shelves in Japan on November 28. With the successful reception of Monster Hunter 4U and the growing popularity of the series with the Western audience, a release for Monster Hunter X is likely. For information in English, keep an eye on renowned community member GaijinHunter and his YouTube channel.

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