All World of Warcraft Expansions are Now Free (kind of)


Did you ever wanted to try World of Warcraft but the subscription fee seemed just too high? Well tough luck as that silly old-school practice is still in place. Thankfully Blizzard decided to throw other bad practice out of the window, in a sense, as now all the WoW expansions are free for the subscribers (except Battle of Azeroth).

World of Warcraft is no doubt a game that requires long term commitment. It has ridiculous amount of stuff to do, with roughly 3,000 hours worth of content spanning over 6 expansions. It’s also quite a big financial investment with, 9.99 british pound sterling subscription a month (or regional equivalent) and until recently additional £40 a top of it for the Legion expansion.

Now these days are gone… in a way. Legion is now free with subscription which is quite nice. Sadly upcoming Battle of Azeroth will ask for a upfront cost, which is quite disappointing.

Battle of Azeroth is releasing 14th of August of this year.