Amazon App Store “Underground” Hits the Streets

In a bold move today, Amazon announced a new service for Android devices by the name of Amazon Underground. This standalone app plays host to a suite of $10,000 worth of individual applications, all available to the user for free.

Among the available applications are several licensed properties such as Star Wars Rebels: Recon Missions, as well as a range of productivity apps, including OfficeSuite and PhotoSuite. Amazon assures customers that Underground is a “long-term service rather than a one-off promotion” in their announcement, promising continuing support and additional benefits further down the line.


Amazon explains that this concept was born from a new business model with app developers, in which they compensate the developers on a “per-minute played” basis in exchange for the removal of in-app fees. This allows users to access these apps completely free of charge.

The Amazon Underground app is available for download now directly from on any Android device, though do note that it will not be directly hosted on the Google Play store.

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  1. Was digging through this on my phone today. Bold move, but seems like it could be a risky one.

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