Ana Bray, What Does She Have To Do With Destiny 2’s Expansion II?

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I ventured out into the forgotten world of grimoire cards to find out who Ana Bray is and why she might be the one on the cover of Destiny 2‘s second expansion. By the way, if you did not pay attention to lore in grimoire cards in Destiny, it is not too late. Actually, now is the best time since you can connect a lot of the dots. - Ana Bray
Destiny 2 Expansion Trailer

To understand Ana, we have to learn about her history. Clovis Bray should sound familiar if you have played Destiny since he had much to do with Warminds, Mars construction, Exos, and SIVA. Clovis Bray founded a corporation based on his name for technological development during the Golden Age. Ana Bray is suspected to be the direct descendant of Clovis Bray. There was not much said about Ana in Destiny besides that she was a Hunter Gunslinger who fought at the Battle of Twilight Gap.

She was also mentioned on a Hunter cloak called the Strength of the Pack which had a pattern that Ana wore. This is they key reason that is leading us to believe that the female character on the Expansion II art is in fact Ana. On the Expansion II art, the female character has a wolf pattern on her shoulder that resembles the one on the cloak. Many suspected that it may be Efrideet from the Rise of Iron who looked over the Iron Banner, but that is very unlikely since she has pacifistic philosophies. However, Efrideet was thought to be dead, but returned during Rise of Iron. Similarly, Ana Bray is thought to be dead and may return for Expansion II. - Ana Bray

So far we know that Expansion II will be about Rasputin. This became more evident in the adventure on Io called Arecibo. A ghost scan near the end of the adventure tells us that it “Looks like this thing used to store files. Someone by the name of Bray scrubbed the data.” One thing I also want to point out is that at the end of Arecibo the AI mentions Mars and ice caps. Going back to the ghost scan, the scrubbed data that was most likely about Warminds. Another instance where data was tampered with is the journal in the Daito room at the Tower. Our Ghost tells us this: “Looks like a journal: Ana Bray. But I can’t tell who- Pretty much the entire thing is redacted. And there are whole pages missing. Something about all of this seems…wrong. Am I worrying too much?”

We do not know how Diato is related to Ana, but Diato is a weapon manufacturer that is not as popular as Häkke or Omolon. However, The Jade Rabbit, an exotic scout rifle, was manufactured by Diato. With Bungie’s addition of a lore tab with exotics, we might get to know a bit more about Diato when The Jade Rabbit returns with Expansion I.

My speculation is that we may pay Mars a visit again. We might have to deal with the SIVA again since SIVA was being transported with colony ships leaving Earth during the Golden Age. That reminds me, in reference to the colony ship with Failsafe on Exodus Black, there is most likely SIVA contained inside that ship somewhere.

All this information I am getting and the speculations I am forming are based on information from grimoire cards and in-game lore. We do not know anything for sure yet expect that Expansion II will be about Rasputin, and we will not now much about it until we get closer to Spring 2018.