Anime Expo 2016 Highlights Demonstration of Phantom of the Kill and (Coverage)

On-site at Anime Expo 2016, the folks at Gumi, Inc., the publishers responsible for smash mobile titles such as Chain Chronicle, Brave Frontier, and the newly published Final Fantasy Brave Exvius (we’ll be covering that soon!) were on the show floor again this year with their new mobile title Phantom of the Kill.

Phantom of the Kill 2

This year, with a booth focus on an exclusive virtual reality event called Shout Zero, fans were introduced to the Killer Prince and given an opportunity to scream their throats raw with a virtual reality headset on.

The virtual reality experience itself was much better than the majority of the experiences I’ve played with during CES 2016 and E3 2016, interestingly enough. My thoughts on VR can span several thousand words, and not necessarily in the positive connotation. This one was a lot more immersive, and featured 360 degree visuals of an apocalyptic Tokyo in the year 2200. Big monsters are dropping from the sky, and players were urged to make a contract with the Killer Prince by screaming his name as loud as they could, which followed up with a cinematic sequence of the monster being destroyed. All in all, pretty cool stuff.

Phantom of the Kill 7

The main event was during the evening, when pop idol group came out on stage at the West Hall Main Events area and performed a bunch of hit songs from their albums to a roaring audience. I personally have never heard of until now, but their music was charmingly upbeat, sounding like something from Dance Dance Revolution.


Additionally, just prior to the concert, the development team of Phantom of the Kill came in for a mini-panel to discuss their game, highlighting how over 3.5 million players had downloaded the game. The panel itself, while a bit stiff at times, provided some more insights into the game, with trailers and a twenty minute anime movie that showed the experimentation on the two main characters, Zero and Ayame. The film playing was actually quite well done, with some great animation and CGI effects. While Phantom of the Kill was never on my radar, this panel actually changed it, and will at least receive a download to check it out at the very least. The panel also announced that the girls from would also be playable units in Phantom of the Kill, and featured the girls dressed up in combative attire.

Phantom of the Kill would also be holding a collaboration with Gumi’s other mobile title, Brave Frontier, the collection RPG. As far as Brave Frontier’s collaboration is concerned, the collaboration extends both ways; Phantom of the Kill would receive Brave Frontier heroes Vargas, Selena, and Lunaris, while Brave Frontier would feature an exclusive Global Rare Summon Gate for Zero and a daily login campaign which concluded with receiving Laevatainn.

Phantom of the Kill 2 (1)

Phantom of the Kill 3 (1)

I’d actually give the game a recommendation for fans who seek a title that brings back cues from the old isometric turn-based strategy titles. Fans of Final Fantasy Tactics may find a bit of charm in this game, to say the least, and given Gumi’s strong booth presence (their booth size actually surprised me, a bit!) they have a fair level of confidence in this endeavor, to say the least. 3.5 million players is a great number for a new title, and credit must be given where credit is due. Well done, Gumi, and see you next year!

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