Apex Legends Launches Battle Pass and New Character Octane Tomorrow

Octane is dropkicking off his debut tomorrow - Respawn Entertainment/Electronic Arts


Apex Legends, the newest contender in the Battle Royale scene, is launching its first seasonal Battle Pass and first new character, Octane, March 19th.  

The Wild Frontier Pass

The Wild Frontier Pass will be available for 950 Apex Coins ($9.50). The pass will unlock three character skins for Lifeline, Wraith, and Mirage immediately. To get a jump on your Battle Pass, you can also purchase the Battle Pass Bundle which unlocks your next 25 Battle Pass levels and their rewards immediately after purchase. The Battle Pass Bundle is available for 2,800 Apex coins ($28).

Rewards for Every Level

The Battle Pass leveling system will be based solely on experience points. The system starts at level one and caps at level 100. Every time you level up you will unlock a Battle Pass reward, one of over 100 available in this season. Rewards include weapon skins, XP boosts, banner frames and more. Don’t miss out because all of the Wild Frontier Battle Pass rewards are only available for this season and will never return to the game after the season ends. This excludes Apex Packs.

The higher the level tier, the more rare the rewards will become. This season’s Battle Pass’ final reward is a rare skin for the Havoc energy rifle.

You can even earn rewards if you don’t purchase the Battle Pass. This will include five free Apex packs, a legendary skin for the new legend Octane, and 18 stat-tracker customization options for your banner.

Apex Legends Looking for More Trends to Set

Lee Horn, Apex Legends Lead Project Manager, mentioned that the goal of Season 1 is to allow gamers to play around, have fun, and learn the game.

The studio aspires to innovate like they did with their Ping system, the Jumpmaster, and their Respawning mechanic. “We look to do the same with our Battle Pass. Season 1 is just the first version on a long road of improvements, updates, and tweaks.”, Horn explains.

Get Ready to Turn up the Heat With Octane

A big round of applause for Octane, the newest Legend – Respawn Entertainment/Electronic Arts

Set to be released alongside the Battle Pass, Octane is the first addition to the Apex Legends lineup. Octavio “Octane” Silva is an amped-up, robo-legged daredevil with abilities to match his over-the-top personality.

Octane’s Abilities

His tactical ability, Adrenaline Junkie, allows him to move 30% faster for six seconds at the cost of 10% health. While this is active he is immune to slows.

Next is Octane’s passive ability Swift Mend. While not taking damage he restores health over time. Sweet and simple. 

You may already have a guess at his ultimate ability thanks to the bounce pads placed in-game outside of Market. When his ultimate is activated, Octane will drop a bounce pad that anyone can use. Stepping on this pad will launch the character into the air. No surprises there I’m sure. If Octane’s bounce pads operate the same as the ones outside of Market, then stepping on them while running fast or from a great height will launch you further.

Octane is ready to drop in on the competition – Respawn Entertainment/Electronic Arts

Are you hyped to play as the new legend? What are your thoughts regarding Apex Legends approach to their Battle Pass level progression and reward system? Let me know your thoughts below!