Arkham Knight Returns to Steam Store


The PC version of Batman: Arkham Knight has made its return to the Steam storefront after a lengthy hiatus. Major launch issues caused publisher Warner Bros Interactive to pull the game from shelves back in June, shortly after release.

Free copies of prior games in the Arkham franchise will be available for download to anybody who previously purchased Arkham Knight for the PC, as well as for anybody picking up the game before November 16. As a further incentive, a new Community Challenge Pack will be made available for free to all PC players a week before console players.


Also announced was a cross-promotion will Valve’s multiplayer shooter, Team Fortress 2. A competition is being held to design cosmetic items for Team Fortress 2, with the winning designs given to everybody who purchases a copy of Arkham Knight before November 16.

It’s worth noting that, outside of having access to a game they paid for several months ago, there is little incentive here for long-term Arkham fans. A free copy of a game you likely already own is not much compensation for what can only really be described as sub-par service. Minor issues have still been reported, with 12GB of RAM required for stable performance on a Windows 10 system. It’s a step in the right direction, but Warner Bros will need to try a bit harder to rectify such a significant misstep.

Source: Steam Community