Assassin’s Creed Empire Image Leaked

After stating that there will be no Assassin’s Creed game released in 2016, it would be naïve to think that a new instalment isn’t being worked on. According to a flurry of rumors, originating on 4chan, the break from tradition was to allow for a complete revamp. The new game, codenamed Assassin’s Creed Empire, will take place in ancient Egypt. One possible reason for this is that historical records from this era are thin on the ground. It will allow the team to be far more creative with Assassin’s Creed Empire storyline. Though still open world, it will have more of “a Witcher feel”, and is being made by the Black Flag team.

assassins creed empire
The leaked image.

The image above was leaked by twitter user LazerzZHD (original tweet here) earlier today, and seems to show a screen from the pause menu. Though obviously far from completion, we can infer some details from what we can see. The pyramids very clearly corroborate the claims that this new game will be set in Egypt. The E-Store probably means more microtransactions, which is hardly a surprise. The barely legible tip in the top right states: “Crafting allows you to upgrade your armor.” Crafting has always been present in the Assassin’s Creed games, but not always to great effect. Maybe if the series is becoming more like a true RPG, like The Witcher, crafting will serve more of a purpose.

Even so, this is all just clutching at straws. This could simply be a mock interface, where elements from the old games are reused to test new pieces of software. Assassin’s Creed Empire might not even come out in 2017. It could also be a fake image. Although, according to a reddit user, Ubisoft temporarily sent copyright strikes to a video containing the leaked image. This seems to add weight to the authenticity of this picture. Whatever the case, it’s always of interest when leaks like this occur. We can show the developers that we’re all still interested in their games, and whatever Assassin’s Creed Empire will have to offer.

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