Assassin’s Creed Origins Trailer Reveals Egypt Conflict


Previous gameplay releases and trailers have shown us Bayek fulfilling his assassin duties. We weren’t introduced to the kind situation we would be put into. At Gamescom this year, Assassin’s Creed Origins released another trailer called “Game of Power”, but this one isn’t centered around Bayek. Instead, it shows us the political conflict panning out during this time period within the empire. Ancient Egypt has a lot of history and many important historic figures, but the one we’re all familiar with is Ptolemaic Egypt, in other words it’s Cleopatra’s time.

There is unrest in Egypt. We are first introduced to Ptolemy, a young king who wants the entire land under his control, but there is someone above him who is controlling his actions. That person and their motives are unknown to us so far. Later we see Cleopatra, who wants power over Egypt, while also facing off against Ptolemy.

After strange things start occurring in the land, Cleopatra orders, “It is time for assassinations” — this is when we see our hero Bayek. Caesar and his Roman army are involved in Egypt’s unrest, but we don’t yet know what he’s up to. According to Cleopatra, if Caesar and her come together, they can accomplish more than Alexander, the Greek ruler. Clearly, Ptolemy is against this.

There seems to be a lot of conspiring. Its hard to understand who’s side Bayek is on, or if he does even choose a side. However, in one part of the trailer we see him standing next to Caesar. All we really get from this trailer about Bayek is that he’s valuable to the empire and he knows what he has to do.

So far Assassin’s Creed Origins hasn’t said anything about how Ptolemaic politics fits into the Templar and Assassin conflict. But I’m most curious to know how this fits into the present day with the animus.