Atari Set to Open the Vault

Another day, another retro compilation release. This time, it’s Atari with Atari Vault, a collection of no less than 100 titles from their expansive library. The focus seems to be on the arcade releases, specifically citing classics like Centipede and Asteroids, though the extent of the list is yet to be confirmed.


Where Atari Vault stands apart though is with its more modern trimmings. Launching via Steam, it will have full support for Steam Controller usage, as well as local and online multiplayer and leaderboards. Similar releases, like SEGA’s chain of Mega Drive titles, opted for a simple emulation of the original title, so a more fleshed-out release may work in Atari’s favour. Although the golden age of the arcade may have passed, the competitive nature of the gaming community continues to prosper, and there will always be a place for those fiery arcade rivalries.

Atari Vault is set to release in Spring, and will be available for preview at the upcoming PAX South. Perhaps we’ll see another famous company reveal a retro collection before then. As long as you’re not holding out hope for Konami, I guess.

Published by Michael Spiteri

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