Atlus Insists That You Dance All Night

In preparation for its September 29 release, Persona 4: Dancing All Night has received two short track previews, courtesy of publisher Atlus USA.

The first video contains an exclusive remix by Shinichi Osawa of the original Persona 4 opening theme, “Pursuing My True Self.” The song is accompanied by a visually stunning video utilizing heavily filtered photographs and an atmospheric, almost surreal blurs of neon color. The track itself takes a decidedly trance-inspired approach to the memorable theme, establishing a unique tone and promising interesting rhythmic gameplay.

“Shadow World” is the focus of the second video. This song served as the title theme for Persona 4 Golden, the updated Vita port of the PS2 original. The remix, dubbed the Atlus Kozuka Remix, is more relaxed, with a slow tempo and a deliberate, driving drum beat pushing the song forward. The video is rather simple, displaying a variety of short cuts of video footage with the iconic Persona 4 CRT television interspersed throughout.

Persona 4: Dancing All Night is set to release very shortly with a special Disco Fever Edition alongside the standalone copy of the game. The special edition contains an exclusive pouch, two soundtrack CDs, an exclusive Teddie keychain, a themed Vita skin, two DLC outfits and an additional song titled “Never More.” Price points are set at $49.99 for the standard release and $79.99 for the Disco Fever Edition. European Persona fans will see the game slightly later, with the release date set for November 6.

Source: YouTube

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